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 Managing Sleep: Feel Awake & Rested

Full-length version: #1900, 17 minutes Managing Sleep: Feel Awake & Rested
Concise version: #4779, 10 minutes

Fatigue can be caused by a variety of factors, and it can affect our productivity, our social life, and our health and safety. This program discusses the practices and habits we all can develop to manage these issues so we can improve both the quantity and quality of our sleep. Topics include sleep pressure and circadian rhythm, the various stages of sleep, the importance of managing your sleep, practices and habits for good sleep hygiene, combatting the risks of odd-hour shift work, and drowsy driving.   

 The Drug-Free Workplace Program: "Lose the Drugs, Keep the People" 

Drug0Free Workplace ProgramFull-length version: #1901, 18 minutes
Concise version: #4780, 10 minutes

Productivity, quality, safety, and morale are just a few areas negatively impacted when workers abuse drugs and alcohol. This program discusses the multitude of dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse and the actions viewers should take if they suspect someone has a substance abuse problem. Topics include the Drug-Free Workplace policy, adverse effects of substance abuse, substance use vs. abuse, addiction, signs and symptoms of abuse, and appropriate response to suspected abuse.

 Electrical Safety

Electrical SafetyFull-length version: #1902, 17 minutes

To work safely with and around electricity, employees need to understand how electricity "operates," what is hazards are, and what procedures and equipment they should use to avoid them. This program presents basic information on electrical safety, including familiar terms associated with electricity, circuits and the flow of electrical current, recognizing and avoiding electrical hazards, special electrical environments, and dealing with an electrical accident.










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