Our Staff Pick Their Favorites!

One of the questions we hear from time to time is, "How many programs do you carry?" The answer: Too many to count! With hundreds of titles on over 40 topics, in full-length and concise versions, English and Spanish, and multiple media options such as DVDs, streaming videos, digital files, and SCORM courses, we have stopped keeping track of how many items we have available.

Even with so many great programs to choose from, our staff members have developed favorites. Read below to learn what we like and why. Click on the links to learn more about each program, and tell us if you agree with our choices!



"My favorite program is "PPE: Your Last Layer of Protection." It has the most up-to-date information on the different types of PPE, when and how to wear it, and when more than one piece of equipment is necessary. It's a program that all types of industry can use. I especially like the worker testimonials -- they provide valuable lessons."
-- Cheryl Lew, Customer Service

"My favorite video is "Electrical Safety for Everyone." The title says it all, as everyone really needs to know how dangerous electricity is and what they can do to avoid being shocked. I have done some really risky things around electrical hazards and realized how lucky I am to be alive after being involved with the production of this program."
-- Scott Luckadoo, Research & Production

"One of my favorites has to be "Emergency Preparedness & Response." I love that it covers so many topics that we all need to be aware of, and shows the best ways to handle each situation. Watching this program eases the "panic mode" we tend to get into in emergencies. The biggest thing I learned from this program is NOT to panic; instead, take a deep breath, analyze what's going on, and do what you know is right."
-- Meaghan DeToro, Customer Service

"I like "I Chose to Look the Other Way: Three Stories of Workplace Safety" because of the story lines -- you get to know a little of the back story of each person. I like that the poem plays at the end, and it explains why you should ALWAYS speak up when you see someone doing something unsafe."
-- Danita Caldwell, Customer Service

"I love our meeting opener "I Can't Get No Traction." It's short (only 4 minutes!) and it deals with a topic that EVERYONE has to think about, no matter what their profession, age, or industry: slips, trips, and falls. There are so many realistic falls in this video, you just can't look away. And the soundtrack (a musical parody of the Rolling Stones' song "Satisfaction") is FANTASTIC!"
-- Jennifer Hill, Marketing & Distributor Relations

"The Line of Fire" is an impactful program that covers many of the work processes in industry today. It takes you through a variety of hazards, illustrating what can happen if you're not paying attention to your job. Each example leaves you with a lasting impression of the importance of following safe work practices."
-- Lori Butler, Customer Service

"My favorite is "Hearing Conservation & You" because in addition to talking about protecting your hearing at work, it goes into the importance of protecting yourself against off-job noise too. You don't realize until you have lost just a LITTLE of your hearing that it can make a BIG difference in your life. I just had a customer tell me he had never used hearing protection at home working in his shop, but after viewing this program he wears it every time."
-- Tracey Rector, Customer Service Manager

(Our company President picked a whole series!)

"Our series of 'To The Point' programs are my favorite because they solve the two most common problems our customers have regarding employee training: time and budget. These programs get right to the point about common safety topics and deliver the details in 12 minutes or less. With a purchase price of only $249, these programs save both time and money. When you consider that a Spanish version is provided for free on the English DVD, or that your company's logo can be added to these programs when a Corporate Digital License is purchased, these programs represent a tremendous value."
-- Danny Robinson, President



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