Problems & Solutions


What's YOUR Problem? 

Our customers tell us that when it comes to employee safety training, the four biggest challenges are BUDGET, TIME, ACCESSIBILITY and EFFECTIVENESS.

Whatever your problem is, ERI Safety Videos has the solution! As a full-service production company, we offer a variety of products and services that will help you overcome your obstacles. Read below for answers to the most common problems our customers face, use the links to the left for detailed information, or contact us at (800) 311-1143 or to experience the best customer service around. Need a solution that's not on the list? Just ask!

Previewing Is A Hassle?

Problem: "I hate to preview videos. I can't always preview right away, so either I get hassled to return the DVD before I've seen it, or I get a bill in the mail."

Solution: Preview videos right on our website, in their entirety, at your convenience. Or, let us save you the step of searching our site: call us and ask us to email you a link to preview. Both options are free, with no hassle!

Tired of Old-Looking or Out-of-Date Videos?

Problem: "The videos I get from some companies are old-looking or not up-to-date."

Solution: We produce new products every quarter as well as distribute videos from other high-quality video production companies, so you will always find current, fresh training programs in our library.

 Is A 20-Minute Video Too Long?

Problem: "My employees have a short attention span. I need shorter videos that still convey the pertinent information."

Solution: In addition to our full-length videos (which average 18 minutes each), we offer concise programs, which average 10 minutes each.

Need Digital Files to Host on Your Server?

Problem: "Our departments are spread out, so having a DVD doesn't allow us to conduct our training efficiently."

Solution: We offer low-cost digital files (MP4) you can host on your servers so all your departments can access content as needed.

Small Budget?

Problem: "I don't want to spend my limited budget on the purchase of one training video. I need high-quality training at an affordable price."

Solution: In addition to monthly rentals, our annual rental plans (via DVD or Streaming Safety) give you a library of videos to use for an entire year at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. Check out our Library Plan and Streaming Safety Interactive to stretch your dollar far.

Want Online Training That's Simple and Affordable?

Problem: "We want to offer online training, but we don't have a budget for fancy online training platforms."

Solution: Our variety of online training platforms includes everything from surprisingly affordable streaming to basic interactive courses to a full-blown Learning Management System.

Need Courses for Your Existing LMS?

Problem: "We already have an LMS but we need new content. Our employees are tired of taking the same courses every year."

Solution: We offer videos in several digital file types which can be hosted on and delivered by your own platform. Need it SCORM-compliant? YES we offer that too!

Want Customized Videos?

Problem: "We need company-specific scenes and information conveyed; the generic videos don't work well for us."

Solution: ERI's Custom Production Division will work with you to develop a script and produce an effective training program that is tailored to your budget.

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