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At ERI Safety Videos, we know that every company is unique with specific safety training needs and objectives. Custom training programs help you reach your goals efficiently by featuring only your facility, your procedures, and your people.

ERI has developed a custom production process that allows you to customize your training needs easier than ever before. Imagine a site-specific safety orientation designed for new hires, an up-to-date subcontractor program, or a detailed emergency action plan designed just for your facility. These types of custom programs blend corporate identity with important safety information, confirming your company’s commitment to employee safety.


Several factors affect the final cost of your custom production, such as the length of the finished product, whether 100% of the program is filmed on-site, or if an on-camera spokesperson is featured.

Before we can estimate the length and cost of your finished program, we'll need to write the script. The cost for script development is $1,000. Using the script, we'll work with you to determine which scenes must be filmed on location, and which scenes can be taken from our existing footage.

Script development: $1,000 (non-refundable)
Cost per finished program minute using on-site footage: $1,000 
Cost per finished program minute using existing safety footage: $600
On-camera spokesperson: $3,500


This video gives a great overview of the custom production process and various styles available, with samples of finished products.  


To discuss your unique training needs and learn how a custom production may work for you, please contact Danny Robinson at 1-800-311-1143.

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