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At ERI Safety Videos, we know that every company is unique with specific safety training needs and objectives. Custom training programs help you reach your goals efficiently by featuring only your facility, your procedures, and your people.

ERI has developed a custom production process that allows you to customize your training needs more easily than ever before. Imagine a site-specific safety orientation designed for new hires, an up-to-date subcontractor program, or a detailed emergency action plan designed just for your facility. These types of custom programs blend corporate identity with important safety information, confirming your company’s commitment to employee safety.


The cost of your production depends largely on the length of the finished video. Other factors that affect the cost are type of narration used (on-screen narration versus voice-over), whether you want us to feature your employees versus hiring professional actors, and travel costs for our production team.

The basic cost for a 10-minute custom production is $8,500; each additional minute is $750 per minute. ERI will work with you to determine the goal length of your video, then issue a written proposal based on our communication.

Before we can firmly estimate the length and cost of your finished program, we'll need to write the script. The cost for script development is $1,000; this deposit is non-refundable and will be applied toward the final cost of your project. When the script-writing portion of the project is complete, we will update the estimate for your final cost, if needed. At that time, you may choose to move forward with the production or abandon the project.


These videos are some of the many custom productions we've created for companies like yours. Whether you want your production to match one of these styles, or you have something entirely different in mind, we can help!


To discuss your unique training needs and learn how a custom production may work for you, please contact Jennifer Hill at 1-800-311-1143.

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