Digital Files

How would you like to have digital files of our training programs to host on your server or store on your hard drives? ERI offers low-cost Digital Files to help you deliver your training easily and efficiently. See answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you need additional help, contact us at (800) 311-1143 or

What Is A Digital License?

When you purchase a DVD, you are restricted by copyright law from copying the content in any manner, including making a digital version to host locally or on your network. We recognize that the DVD format does not meet many companies’ needs, so we have developed an affordable way to allow customers to place our content on their servers, hard drives, and/or networks: Digital Files.

The purchase of a Digital File includes a Digital License, which gives you the necessary legal permission to use our content in a variety of ways. Unlike other companies who sell training programs, we do not charge per user or per year; our licenses apply to specific company facilities, or corporate-wide, depending on the type of license purchased. Another perk: there is no perpetual fee; once you pay for the license, it never expires!

What Does A Digital File Purchase Include?

The purchase of a Digital File includes the following:

Are There Different Types Of Digital Licenses?

Yes! Digital Licenses are available as Single-Site Licenses and Corporate Licenses:

How Much Does A Digital License Cost?

The cost of a license depends on the program purchased and the number of facilities covered by the license. To determine the cost for a particular program’s Digital License, click on the “Digital File” tab in the pricing area. Both the Single-Site and Corporate License prices will be displayed. A few of our titles are not available on Digital File; those titles will not have any purchase options on the “Digital File” tab.

Digital License pricing reflects the true one-time purchase price; there are no hidden charges, additional costs or perpetual fees. As an added bonus, we apply our standard discount structure to Digital Licenses too!

What Are The Steps To Purchasing A Digital License?

  1. Determine which video(s) you want to use for training and what type of license you need (Single-Site or Corporate).
  2. Contact ERI to place your order, or submit your order via this website. When your order is received, ERI will email you the Digital License Agreement for your review and signature.
  3. Return the signed agreement to ERI; ERI will provide a copy to you with both our signatures and begin encoding your files.
  4. ERI will ship you your files on a thumb drive within 5-7 business days.

What If I Need A DVD Copy Too?

ERI has created Combo Packs to save you money when you need both formats. A Combo Pack lets you add one DVD copy to your Digital File purchase for only $100 more! Sorry, standard discounts are not applicable to the $100 DVD add-on. The $100 add-on price only applies if both formats are purchased together – so if you think you’ll need both down the road, buy them together to save money!

Where Can I Find Technical Specs About File Sizes And Playback Of Digital Media Files?

Here is everything you need to know. If we missed something, please call us at (800) 311-1143 or email us at

File Types & Specifications

Files will be provided in MPEG-4 format with our standard encoding settings. MPEG-4 video will have a file extension of MP4. MP4 video is compatible with a wide variety of digital media players and devices. When ordering an MP4 digital program, a high-quality file will be provided with the following specifications: