DVDLong Live the DVD!

While many of our customers are using online platforms for their training, a large number still use DVDs. The reasons are simple: They're portable, they're affordable, and they're easy to use. ERI still offers all of our programs on DVD to ensure everyone has access to high-quality training. 

Read below to learn about Standard vs. Premium DVDs, Monthly Rentals, Yearly Rentals, the Give Me 5 Video Exchange Club, and Bonus Buys!

Types of DVDs: Standard vs. Premium

A Standard DVD [a.k.a. "DVD (Standard)" or just "DVD"] includes one version of the video program in one language, with subtitles in the same language. The subtitles can be turned on and off with your DVD remote or player menu to provide captions for the hearing impaired. All of ERI's programs are available on Standard DVD.

A Premium DVD is packed with features. Multiple versions of the program in both English and Spanish are included on one DVD. Each DVD contains both a standard version and a short version of each training program. The standard version is generally 15-20 minutes in length, while the short version is generally 5-10 minutes. Each version is available in both English and Spanish. In addition, for our programs that may have graphic scenes, a non-graphic version is also included. All versions of each program are subtitled with captions that can be turned on and off with your DVD remote. One added benefit of subtitles on our Premium DVD’s is the ability to select Spanish sub-titles with an English program. This allows workers for whom English is a second language to be included in group training without being segregated for a Spanish-only session. Only a handful of titles are available on Premium DVD.

Rental Options

ERI offers several DVD rental options to fit your needs:

Monthly Rentals

Rent a DVD for 30 days! Prices below are per DVD, plus shipping & handling:

If you rent a video and decide within 6 months to purchase it, we will apply your paid rental fee toward the purchase price!

Yearly Rentals ("The Library Plan")

Our Library Plan allows you to select five or more videos and add them to your training library for one year. Your plan may include any combination of Premium DVDs, full-length and concise programs.

*If you rent 12 or more videos as part of this plan, you have the luxury of swapping three programs every three months at no additional charge. Almost all of our videos are available for exchange!

Prices below are per DVD, plus shipping & handling for your initial shipment:

*To qualify for the quarterly swap, a minimum of 12 DVDs is required when starting your library plan. Billy Robbins and Odie Espenship DVDs are not available for free swap.

"Give Me 5" Video Exchange Club

For only $500 per year, our "Give Me 5" Video Exchange Club gives you access to our best concise programs on DVD. You may borrow up to 5 titles at one time to use in training. Get the Spanish versions (if available and requested) at no additional charge!

Use the same DVDs for the whole year, or trade them in for 5 more as many times as you wish throughout your 12-month membership period. The only additional charges you will incur are the shipping cost for each package of DVDs you order ($10-$12 for FedEx Ground shipping).

When your membership ends, either renew for another $500, or simply return your outstanding DVDs to ERI. You will be billed for any titles not returned to ERI.

Need to use a DVD that's not eligible for the Give Me 5? Club members receive a 15% discount on additonal rentals and purchases!

"Give Me 5" Exchange Club members receive a FREE Streaming Safety Basic Account with FIVE FREE streamed videos from the Give Me 5 List - a $625 value FREE with new or renewed Club memberships!

 Give Me 5 Icon  Look for this symbol on our website to find concise DVDs eligible for the Give Me 5 Exchange Club or print this list!


Bonus Buys: Gain Flexibility & Save Money 

Get the Concise version of a title FREE when you purchase the Full-Length Version! Use the Full-Length version for new hire training and the Concise version for annual refresher training, without spending an extra dime! Offer applies to DVD purchases and Digital File purchases.

When you purchase the full-length version, we will automatically include the concise version in the package, free of charge! No need to add it to your shopping cart.

 Bonus Buy Icon Look for this symbol to find eligible titles on our website.